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This disinfection solution has gone from fighting anthrax to decontaminating ambulances

A single-step cleaning can help first responders cut down on the time it takes to eliminate pathogens.

A clean work environment is a valuable attribute that many professionals values. However, first responders know that cleanliness is not an option, and it is essential to provide adequate care for patients and EMS personnel.

First responders don’t need to rely on multiple products, and they can use SteraMist from TOMI Environmental Solutions to gain confidence in their cleaning. (TOMI Environmental Solutions).

While the emphasis has been on proper decontamination for ambulances and equipment used by first responders in the recent pandemic has increased, there are still many other threats that have remained for decades.

First responders don’t need to rely on multiple products with different efficacy levels and methods of use. They can trust SteraMist from TOMI Environmental Solutions. This simple disinfection method, which has been developed over many decades, is now an easy-to-use option for those on the frontlines.


SteraMist science was not designed to provide a non-toxic decontamination method for first responders, and it was created to protect the United States against weaponized anthrax spores.

According to (TOMI Environmental Solutions), the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, provided funding for the development of SteraMist technology after 9/11 and subsequent anthrax scares.

DARPA testing over many years led to the creation of a commercially viable product and effective in controlling the infection. Both the healthcare and technology sectors quickly adopted SteraMist.

White House Office of Technology and Science Policy and Centers for Disease Control noticed SteraMist’s ability to decontaminate surfaces and air in 2015. To address the Ebola outbreak in Africa, TOMI Environmental Solutions was awarded a grant by all three agencies. First responders from the COVID-19 pandemic sought SteraMist. It is simple to use and can quickly eliminate a variety of pathogens.


First responders use a variety of cleaning products that are highly potent. They need to be handled carefully and dried thoroughly before the surface can be considered clean. SteraMist is a different product. It activates and ionizes hydrogen oxide using its patent ionized Hydrogen Peroxide.

Shane said that every SteraMist product uses unique ionized Hydrogen Peroxide technology. This allows the solution to be sheared into a fine mist. The mist is then sent through a cold plasma arc to create ionized Hydrogen Peroxide radicals. These radicals act as gas and have excellent moving properties. These submicron- to 3-micron-sized hydroxyl radis can be charged and killed on contact. EMS personnel equipment, ambulances, and even their locker rooms are fully decontaminated after using SteraMist. (TOMI Environmental Solutions).

Shane says that hydroxyl radicals are one the most potent natural oxidizing agents. During the iHP process, they kill bacteria, bacteria spores, and viruses by destroying their proteins and carbohydrates.

These hydroxyl radicals are non-toxic and leave no residue. This makes SteraMist an ideal choice for sensitive equipment decontamination. It uses hydrogen peroxide at a low level as the only active ingredient before ionization. The process kills on contact with little to no wet time. When used correctly, TOMI Environmental Solutions products achieve a six-log or greater kill and eliminate 99.9999% of pathogens.

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SteraMist customers have many options for their preferred delivery method. The SteraMist Environment System fogs enclosed spaces using three applicators, which can be controlled remotely. It can be transported so that EMS personnel can use one fogger in a variety of environments.

TOMI Environmental Solutions has also developed a portable option for decontamination. The SteraMist Surface Unit is able to clean sensitive equipment and surfaces that are frequently touched.

The SteraPak is the latest solution to single-step decontamination. This portable system can be used on any surface, room, or item that EMS personnel need to clean.


No matter what delivery system is most appropriate for your agency’s needs, EMS personnel can be assured that all equipment, ambulances, and locker rooms have been fully disinfected after using Steramist.

TOMI Environmental Solutions products are certified by the Organic Review Materials Institute as non-toxic. To register with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the company has extensively tested its technology.

SteraMist’s technology is so ingenious that TOMI collaborated with the EPA on a new way to evaluate the technology’s effectiveness.” This led TOMI to be registered as an EPA hospital-healthcare and broad-spectrum system and equipment provider.

SteraMist’s strength is the fact that both solution and equipment are registered together. Combination registration eliminates the need to use separate applicators and solutions.

Your agency must maintain cleanliness. First responders can use SteraMist to enhance their single-step decontamination efforts when time is of the essence.

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