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We specialize in infectious disease disinfection for Dallas-Fort Worth area clients. Our business is always evolving because there are new strains of diseases and emerging technologies that are used to disinfect potentially exposed areas. You have to stay a step ahead of the curve to provide truly effective room disinfection services, and we go the extra mile to do just that. An innovative product has been introduced into the marketplace relatively recently, and we did a lot of research into it because it looked promising to us. After getting all the facts, we decided that this piece of equipment could give us the ability to take our infectious disease disinfection services to another level.

How SteraMist Work

SteraMist Disinfection System

The SteraMist binary ionization technology is a state-of-the-art surface decontamination unit that has been developed by TOMI Environmental Solutions. This company is very highly regarded within the industry, and they have hit a home run with this complete room disinfection system. One of the major advantages is the unit’s ability to disinfect surfaces that are very hard to reach. This has always been a major challenge in the past, so this is an absolute game-changer in the realm of MRSA disinfection services.

Room Disinfection for Fort Worth and Dallas Homes

The clients that engage us need a completely sanitary environment, but what they do not want is extended downtime during the disinfection process. Another amazing feature of the SteraMist binary ionization unit addresses this concern. We simply use the unit to spray surfaces, and it takes only five seconds per square foot. Plus, multiple units can be used at once to accelerate the process.

This room disinfection method is not corrosive, and there is no residue left behind to deal with later on. It is completely safe with regard to exposure to electrical equipment, and our clients can enter the sanitized room within minutes of the completion of the disinfection process.

Learn More About Infectious Disease Disinfection

In addition to the work that we do in Dallas and Fort Worth proper, we also provide disinfection services in Arlington, Irving, and Carrollton, Texas. If you would like to learn more about the truly amazing SteraMist binary ionization technology, we would be more than glad to answer your questions.

For more information on technology-based disinfection services in neighboring Texas communities, check out our room disinfection in Carrollton, Arlington, and Irving, TX page.

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