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Life presents some pretty messy situations

Life presents some pretty messy situations, such as biohazard cleaning or a crime scene cleanup. When this happens, many times it is Google we turn to for help. When you are experiencing such a horrible moment, it is critical you reach out to a company you can trust. AAA Scene Cleaners LLC is just that company.

At first it almost seems too overwhelming to reach out to strangers about your unique cleaning needs, but then you notice some of the reviews and literature posted by AAA Scene Cleaners and realize that not only have we walked this path before, but we’ve seen & performed many services involving death cleanups, suicide cleanups, or blood cleanups. You know you have to take the first step and get the problem addressed, so you we are available 24/7 to talk to you, to just call or send a message on our website.

Once you connect with AAA Scene Cleaners, Warren (Owner/Lead Tech) will be the person you speak with. Our goals are to first put you at peace and overcome your anxiety, then offer a no pressure process to get the situation remediated.

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So what exactly is the process from the time you call to the time you hang up? First, the basics; you’re going to want to give your full name (or the name of the person of which you are representing or the owner of the property), the address that needs our services, phone number, email, and let us know how soon you need cleanup services. Second is, it would be helpful to briefly explain a little about what you need done and what may have caused you to require our services. Finally, is to determine cost, payment, and terms; this would be a good time to ask if an in-person inspection would be required to get an estimate for services and whether or not we think you may be covered by insurance.

Maybe you are dealing with a situation where there was a large blood loss, or even a death and you need help. You should know that most of the times our services for crime and trauma scene cleaning is covered under home, auto, or business insurance. This is when it’s a good idea to try to connect with your insurance provider and let them know what you are experiencing, confirm your coverage with them, and potentially even file a claim. You can even tell them that you already have a biohazard company that is helping you through the process; know that you are allowed to contract whoever you want to help you with cleanup. We will also assist you in the claim process to help ease your burdens.

Now you’re on a roll, and progress is slowly being made. Once the service appointment has been established, we would send you the work authorization for your signature, and discuss payment options.

Now you’re in the books, and ready to allow the AAA Scene Cleaners to come in and do what they do best. Aside from the cleaning and decontamination process, we will document the cleanup in order to provide it as proof of the condition of the property prior to cleaning, and that it was in fact cleaned according to the scope of work. This will be essential to submit to an insurer as proof that the claim was legit and the work was done, allowing them to issue a check. We can even communicate and bill them directly if you allow us to.

After the job is complete, we will review to services and confirm we have met or exceeded your needs.

If you need additional information, please call us at (817) 773-3330

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