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Home HAI (Healthcare Associated Infection) Cleanup

HAI (Healthcare Associated Infection) Cleanup

While hospitals are a place of wellness and recovery, they are also home to many diseases. Anywhere where ill people congregate, like medical offices, urgent care centers, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and hospitals, are at risk for a hospital-acquired infection (HAI). Also known as a nosocomial infection or healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) HAIs, include, but are not limited to MRSA, Influenza A, C-DIFF, and E. Coli, all of which pose a major health risk. Whether your medical facility has been exposed to an HAI or you’ve had exposure in your home, proper disinfection and infection control are essential to preventing the further spread of these sometimes fatal diseases. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections are acquired and they cause or contribute to over 99,000 deaths each year.

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AAA Scene Cleaners has been serving Dallas/Fort Worth for over 14 years and possess the training, equipment, and staff to provide effective disinfection of all types of HAIs. If your home or business has been exposed to a harmful bacteria or virus, don’t attempt to address the problem yourself. While store-bought cleaning products may leave the area looking and smelling clean, proper infection control requires an experienced professional. Invisible pathogens can spread quickly and need to be managed with the right equipment, professional disinfecting agents, and processes. This includes taking precautions to prevent cross-contamination to other areas of your home or building.

In addition, we adhere to OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen regulations and practice universal precautions. So, whatever the size and scope of your disinfection needs, you can be assured that you are in the most capable hands with our exceptional team.

Before you or your loved one return home from the hospital, make sure your home environment is free from the contaminants that made them ill in the first place. By choosing AAA Scene Cleaners to perform your home disinfection services, you can rest assured the home is ready for your loved one and is not an additional risk based on their depressed immune system or viral & bacterial exposures.

At AAA Scene Cleaners, we are experienced in removing MRSA, Influenza A, C-DIFF, E. Coli, and other healthcare-associated infections from the home. We utilize a 3 to 4 step process to decontaminate and disinfect, and our services and techniques are proven to return contaminated areas back to safe spaces for both people and pets.

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