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AAA Scene Cleaners is dedicated to providing high quality services to North Texas families in need. Please take a moment to look below to find out what we specialize in, get in touch with any additional questions.

1) Trauma Scene Remediation
2) Crime Scene Cleanup
3) Suicide Cleanup
4) Homicide Cleanup
5) Unattended Death Cleanup
6) Undiscovered Death Cleanup
7) Industrial Accident Cleanup
8) Dallas Blood Cleanup
9) Automobile Decontamination Services

So, if you think we can offer you the service you need, then quickly
Call us at (817) 773-3330 today.



Are we dealing with a Biohazard? At AAA Scene Cleaners, a bio-hazard and crime scene clean-up Dallas TX company are Rated A+ w/BBB Northern Texas. Some insurance TX companies cover our cleaning services cost. some DON’T We’re about as Texan as it gets. While we’re headquartered in North Texas, we provide services across 100 mile radius, constantly adding to our experience working with Texan families. We believe in servicing families in need the right way, and our DFW offers Crime, Death, Suicide & Trauma Scene Clean-up Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

At AAA Scene Cleaners, we specialize in crime scene clean-up. This includes:

1) Dallas crime scene aftermath clean up pro Crime Scene Clean-up
2) Biohazard Cleaning Services
3) Bioremediation Crime Scene Clean-up
4) Crime & Trauma Cleaning
5) Homicide Clean-up


State Certified Professionals handle Trauma, Crime Scenes, Blood, Airborne Pathogens. If you need the Dallas crime scene or Dallas Blood Clean-up services, At AAA Scene Cleaners, we specialize in suicide & trauma clean-up. This includes:

1) Suicide clean-up
2) Unattended death clean-up
3) Trauma scene clean-up
4) Postmortem cleaning

Since our founding, AAA Scene Cleaners has been- known for discrete proficient trustworthy quality people skills and exceptional efficiency and the highest level of discrete fast professionalism that you can count on. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet but exceed your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction. Call us a call today to see how we can help you with accidental Death Cleanup Experts in Dallas, TX.

Since our founding, AAA Scene Cleaners has been known for DISCRETE FAST EMERGENCY quality services, & exceptional efficiency, with the highest level of professionalism

Compassionate/Discreet Crime Scene Decontamination Experts To Restore Your Home.

No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet but exceed your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction. Give AAA Scene Cleaners a call today to see how we can help you.

We work with Home Insurance. Most Insurance Accepted. Free Estimates. 24/7 Service. Services: DFW-Biohazard Cleanup, Dallas Blood Clean-up, North Texas, DFW Bodily Fluid Cleanup. When You Call AAA Scene Cleaners, we’ll Walk You Through Every Step Of The Process, Including Insurance Options.

Call 24/7. Most people living in Dallas breathing will go their whole lives without ever WORRYING about the effects of a tragedy taking in a vehicle. Unfortunately, however, violent events happen, and good people die every day, and sometimes it’s necessary to wash blood out of a car so as to restore it to working condition.

Necessary Preparation

If you’ve ever watched Law or a crime scene show you know Bodily fluids and blood include hazardous and even fatal pathogens that can cause harmful diseases, so everybody who’s to take part in the clean-up must be completely protected. Businesses that focus on crime scene clean-up require their employees to wear protective gear, like gloves, a mask or respirator, gloves, and a smock or something very similar to cover their clothing.

Remove Physical Contamination

The first step in forensic cleaning is to remove all traces of physical contamination. Anything capable of transporting pathogens, like blood, bodily fluids, or some other biological substance, must be taken away in the automobile and disposed of securely.


With all biological substances safely removed, the vehicle must currently be sanitized. There are few straight lines at the interior of a car, so the individual performing the clean-up needs to be sure to sanitize every crevice and fold in the chairs, as well as the various elements in the dashboard. Any area of the car’s inside not adequately sanitized poses a health risk.


Every traumatic occasion has its own unique set of challenges. In some cases, a vehicle can get contaminated with a highly unpleasant odor that has to be removed before it can be used. Professional forensic cleaning companies are well prepared to take the necessary steps for remediation. Anything short of absolute perfection will render a car impossible to either drive or sell.

When a violent offense or severe injury takes place, decontamination is a priority.

However, to keep police officers, paramedics, coroners, and crime scene investigators safe, the spectacle must be decontaminated. You’ve likely seen this scene before, at least on tv. What TV crime dramas frequently don’t show, however, is what happens after the crime scene investigators collect their final bit of evidence, the police officers and paramedics leave, and the coroner pushes away.

After a violent offense or trauma happens, what is left is often a bloody room, a grieving family, and the realization that somebody will have to decontaminate the scene. Not only is this an incredible job for a family that has just lost someone, but it’s also a daunting and time-consuming duty that often requires special tools, understanding, and training. A crime or trauma scene contains potentially dangerous biological substances, such as blood and bodily fluids, which could pose serious health and safety hazards to individuals. Some of the health hazards include HIV and hepatitis B and C.

To be confident that your car is suitable to use again, you need a forensic cleaning company you can rely on. At AAA Scene Cleaners, our Forensic Restoration Services Dallas Fort Worth is a leading
crime scene cleaning service, and we’ll take all the required steps to safeguard your car is properly cleaned and disinfected. Get in touch with us right away.

So, if you think we can offer you the service you need, then quickly
Call us at (817) 773-3330 today.

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