Homicide Clean Up and Suicide Clean Up in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving TX and Surrounding Areas

AAA Scene Cleaners is a bio-hazard remediation company and can help you with homicide cleanup in

Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving TX, Plano or Waco. Tragedies happen and when you are a victim you need help and support.

Homicide Clean Up, Suicide Clean Up, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving TX When you are dealing with grief and pain, the last thing you need is to worry about cleaning up the mess. When it comes to bio-hazard situations such as homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup or accident scene cleaning, there are experts who know how to do the work. AAA Scene Cleaners are experts in bio-hazard remediation. In addition they understand the grief and agony that is involved, and they approach each job with compassion, dignity and professional decorum.

A homicide situation is also a matter that involves law enforcement and related legalities. There are rules, regulations and specific procedures that need be follow when dealing with a crime scene. These guidelines and regulations are determined buy organizations such as OSHA. You should not attempt to clean or disturb the scene. You need to keep relatives and loved ones away from the scene. Once the first responders have done their work you need to contact a bio-hazard remediation company such as AAA Scene Cleaners. They are state licensed and OSHA certified. They know how to clean and disinfect a crime scene.

Professional cleaning crews wear protective clothing and gear. They also use cutting edge equipment and materials such as Ozone and Hydroxyl generators, high pressure steam equipment, HEPA air scrubbers as well EPA registered disinfectants. They properly clean and restore the affected areas to pre-tragedy condition.

If you need homicide cleanup, then you need look no further than AAA Scene Cleaners. They provide bio-hazard remediation throughout Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving TX, Plano and Waco.

Medical Waste Disposal and Medical Waste Pick Up in Arlington TX, Dallas and Nearby Cities

Accident zones, industrial accident scenes, or suicide sites are full of unattended corpses, medical wastes, blood, and other bodily fluids which can prove to be highly dangerous for the health of others. These consist of harmful bacteria and germs which can cause severe infections. So, it is important that these areas are cleaned and disinfected as early as possible. If you notice such issues in areas like Arlington TX, Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland TX, Irving TX, or McKinney, then you can resort to us, at AAA Scene Cleaners. We can promise you high-quality cleanup services in crime scenes, accident sites, unattended deaths, or suicide sites etc. We are a team of skilled and dedicated technicians who have both the experience and knowledge to carry out such tasks with precision. Having been in this field for more than a decade, we have created a solid reputation among our clients. Here, we have put together a few ways in which medical waste can be easily disposed of that are often used by good Medical waste disposal services.

Medical Waste Disposal, Medical Waste Pick Up, Arlington TX, Dallas

Take a look.

  1. Chemical Disinfection

Biohazard wastes like animal wastes can be chemically disinfected and then be deposited in landfills later so that they do not cause any threat of spreading further infections.

  1. Autoclaving

Autoclaving is a common method used by many professional associated with medical waste removal and biohazard cleaning. It involves using a heated container to destroy the waste and is one of the most successful ways of dealing with such wastes.

  1. Encapsulation

There are biohazard wastes which require special measures to be taken as a precaution. For instance, scalpels, syringes, and other sharp materials have to be encapsulated in a labeled and puncture-resistant container so that these don’t tear or puncture the things inside, leading to further infections.

If you want to use such proper and more advanced ways to dispose of the medical waste, then you should contact us at the earliest.

Biohazard Waste Disposal and Biohazard Clean Up in Dallas, Irving TX and Surrounding Areas

Accident sites, unattended death, accident sites, and other areas with blood and bodily fluids can give birth to several disease and germs, which need to be disinfected and cleaned as soon as possible. But removal of these elements or cleaning and disinfecting the area is not an easy job which can be taken care of by laymen. You need professional help who have the requisite training and experience in dealing with such cleaning services. We, at AAA Scene Cleaners, can be the right choice for you. We offer help for picking up and disposal of medical and biohazard wastes in and around areas like Arlington TX, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Irving TX, and Plano. We have efficient and highly knowledgeable technicians who have experience in dealing with suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, biohazard cleanup, accident scene or industrial site cleanup, etc. We also take pride in our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. So, if you need a trusted service for biohazard waste disposal, you can reach out to us immediately.

Biohazard Waste Disposal, Biohazard Clean Up, Dallas, Irving TX

However, before you hire a company for this purpose, you should ask them a few questions.

1. How do you intend to carry out the process of waste disposal?

In order to make the right choice for this service, you have to make sure that the professionals you hire know the right process of carrying out the waste disposal. And along with that, they must have the right equipment to do it as well. So, you should ask this question before hiring one.

2. Are you available 24×7?

Such kinds of biohazard waste disposals are emergency requirements which need to be done immediately. Therefore, you might require hiring such services at the earliest and look for a company which is available 24×7 and 365 days a year. So, ask these questions whenever required.

So, what are you thinking? If you feel that we have the right answers to all such questions, you should get in touch with us now.

Hoarding Clean Up and Hoarding Help in Carrollton TX, Dallas, Fort Worth and Nearby Cities

AAA Scene Cleaners are bio-recovery experts and can help you with hoarding cleanup in Carrollton TX, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland TX or Mesquite TX. When someone has difficulty in discarding possession to the extent that it makes daily life difficult and dangerous, a hoarding situation arises.

Hoarding in extreme forms can create various hazards including fire risk, health risk, infestations, accidents and more. Extreme hoarding is the result of an obsessive-compulsive disorder and the situation must be dealt with in a sensitive and professional manner.

A hoarding site is a high-risk one. Undisturbed items may have collected mold and dust and harmful debris. Increased indoor air pollutants pose a real health threat. The site may also be infested with vermin and various rodents. The area may contain fecal matter, urine and other potentially dangerous substances. Often hoarding can obstruct escape routes and cause structural damage.

The hoarding cleanup process requires cooperation from the hoarder. Permission to enter is a starting point. The team at AAA understand the sensitive nature of the situation and they have experience in dealing with hoarders as well as other role players. It often takes time and persuasion before the actual hoarding cleanup can commence. The team at AAA Scene Cleaners allow for the appropriate time required to move forward.

Hoarding cleanup is not about throwing stuff away. It is about organization, communication and cooperation. The hoarder has a voice when it comes to what should be discarded and what should be kept.

Hoarding cleanup is not a job you should attempt unless you are a certified bio-recovery technician. There are also rules and regulations related to waste and bio-hazard intervention, cleanup and disposal. A bio-recovery technician has the right training, experience and certifications.  The team at AAA are ready to help you reclaim you life and improve your well-being with professional hoarding cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleaner and Crime Scene Cleanup in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

AAA Scene Cleaners is a specialist crime scene cleaner operating in Arlington TX, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Plano and Waco. A crime scene is by its nature disturbing and traumatic. It is also a source of evidence and there are rules and regulations that need to be followed when dealing with a crime scene. A crime scene cleaner is trained to deal with these things and knows what to do and how to do it. He or she will also be insured and certified. A crime scene cleaner is a bio-recovery specialist

To operate as crime scene cleaner you need the appropriate state licences and permits. There are also local licenses and permits that may be required.  Some examples of these are

  • Biomedical Waste Transporter Registration
  • Infectious Waste Transporter Permit
  • Hazardous Waste Transporter License Certificate

A professional bio-recovery company will employ technicians who are trained and certified in subjects such as blood-borne pathogens, infectious materials transportation, personal protective gear and equipment, airborne pathogens as well as hazardous waste.

Crime scene cleaners are trained and experienced in blood cleanup and related biohazard cleanup.

Bodily fluids such as blood can seep and penetrate deep into furniture, carpets or floors. It requires specialised equipment and to properly clean infected areas. They use cutting edge cleaning equipment and materials and they know how to prevent cross contamination and how to disinfect the entire scene and area.

The work of a crime scene cleaner is a difficult and challenging one. A crime scene can be grisly and horrific. This type of work is not for the feint-hearted. This type of work requires a strong stomach and often a cold disposition. Working in the bio-recovery industry is tough and demanding. These are the people who work at companies such as AAA Scene Cleaners and they are ready to help you with crime scene cleanup and related bio-recovery jobs.

Biohazard Waste Disposal and Biohazard Clean Up in Grand Prairie, Irving TX and Nearby Cities

Traumatic tragedies are a part and parcel of life. And the truth is although we speak of it quite casually now, the people who go through this have a tumultuous time dealing with this. Moreover, it is not just the pain or the agony but it is also the sort of hazardous materials it can leave behind. The blood and other bodily fluids which remain after an accident take place can create a hazardous impact on the human health. Therefore, you should take proper precautions and safety measures to curb this anomaly. Hire a professional company that offers good biohazard waste disposal. If you are from areas including Arlington TX, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Grand Prairie, or Irving TX, then you should resort to us, at AAA Scene Cleaners. We are an experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable team of people who bring you high-quality cleanup services with respect to unattended deaths, crime scenes, suicides, homicides, and all other instances of medical and biohazards wastes.

Here are a few lesser-known facts about a biohazard cleanup service that you should be aware of. Take a look.

  • Professional Care

Firstly, these biohazard cleanup services undertake a very risk-inducing job. You should know that the process of cleaning such bio-hazardous substances is not easy and expose several kinds of life-threatening diseases. But reputed services show a lot of professional care in executing the cleaning task.

  • Time-saving & Hassle-free Cleaning

The cleaning of the bodily fluids and blood is not a simple cleaning job involving a mop and a bucket. It takes a lot of time and requires the use of several disinfectants and other relevant chemicals to carry out the cleaning of the bio-hazardous area in an effective manner. A professional, experienced, and reputed company will help you get this cleaning done easily with all the requisite substances and cleaning tools, saving you a lot of time and energy.

So, if you think we are the right choice for your bio-hazardous waste cleaning needs, call us at 817-773-3330. We are available 24×7.

Medical Waste Disposal & Biohazard Clean Up in Fort Worth, Garland TX and Surrounding Areas

Wastes related to medical substances can be extremely dangerous as they are most likely to borne several kinds of diseases. Therefore, it is important that you hire a medical waste disposal service and get rid of these allergens as early as possible. We, at AAA Scene Cleaners, offer you high-quality medical and biohazard waste disposal service along with crime scene cleanup, blood, unattended death, or even homicide and suicide cleanup services for you. With our highly efficient and dedicated team of technicians, we can offer you the highest quality of service you deserve. We also enjoy an A+ rating from the BBB, further confirming our credibility in this field. So, if you are from areas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland TX, Grand Prairie, Irving TX, or McKinney, then we can be an ideal choice for you.

Whenever you are deciding on such a cleanup service, there are a few things that they must have. Here, we have put together a few of such things. Take a look.

  1. Pickup Service

These kinds of cleanup services must have a fast, trustworthy, and convenient pickup facility. You should make sure that the company you are hiring for this job has an efficient and dedicated pickup service with dedicated professionals that can carry the medical waste removal boxes or reusable containers.

  1. Disposal Containers & Enclosures

Along with providing a pickup for medical waste removal, the company must also have a proper pickup and disposal resource where they can provide you with wall mounted enclosures and containers configured according to your needs. This will seriously make the process very convenient for you.

  1. Affordable Quotes

You certainly have a well-planned budget for this service. Make sure you don’t overstep the budget and pick a company that offers highly affordable rates for their services. Ask for the quotes in advance and see if they are offering you a competitive pricing in the market.

So, what are you thinking? If you think that we have the above-mentioned must-have elements, then you should contact us today.

Flu Disinfection in Flower Mound, Grapevine TX, Mansfield TX, and all the Surrounding Areas

AAA Scene Cleaners can provide you with flu disinfection services in Flower Mound, Grapevine TX or Mansfield TX. Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and private surgeries are potential sources of healthcare acquired infections (HAI).  Schools and other communal facilities are also potential sources for infections such as influenza.  Certain viruses such as influenza are highly transmissible which is why services such as HAI and flu disinfection are important to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases. People with flu can spread it to others some meters away. Studies have shown that a flu virus can survive on a surface and can infect a human for up to 2-8 hours after being deposited on the surface. 


AAA Scene Cleaners have the resources to contain and prevent the spread of aggressive bacteria and viruses. They provide professional disinfections services including flu disinfection, C-diff disinfection and more. These viruses can be particularly harmful to young children and elderly people. The flu virus is very aggressive and comes in 3 main flavors – A, B and C. Of these Influenza A and B are the originators of flu epidemics every winter. Other strains of the flu virus also occur and makes it harder to control. 


Medical facilities as well as certain public facilities need to be cleaned and treated to control and prevent the spread of contagious diseases.  At AAA Accident Scene Cleaners, they use commercial grade disinfectants as well as advanced equipment to rid infected areas of harmful pathogens and aggressive viruses. Proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is an important component of the prevention strategy.  


The cleaning crews from AAA Scene Cleaners follow strict protocols and regulations when performing tasks such as flu disinfection.  They use various methods and products such as heat, germicides, iodine-based antiseptics to destroy aggressive viruses. 

Disinfect Your Home in Garland TX, Grand Prairie, Irving TX, McKinney and Nearby Cities

Is your home infected with viruses or bacteria? You need to disinfect your home as soon as possible. The infectious agents can pose serious health hazards like C-DIFF, Influenza, or MRSA and other HAIs. So, when your home get affected by these invisible pathogens, it can spread rapidly. And products and cleaning solutions from stores will not be sufficient to decontaminate your home. You must work with an expert professional who has the right knowledge and tools to ensure complete disinfection. We, at AAA Scene Cleaners, can offer the highest quality of clean up including the disinfection of infectious diseases and HAI in a number of areas like Garland TX, Grand Prairie, Irving TX, McKinney, Mesquite TX, and Plano.
However, before choosing such a professional company, you should ask them a few important questions. Read on to know what those are.

1. Have you carried out disinfection of homes before?

In order to judge the expertise of the professional company, you should check if they have dealt with such disinfection routines before or not. If the company is an experienced one which has carried out such cleaning programs or not. If yes, then they will have the right disinfection equipment, products, and processes to complete the procedure with perfection.

2. What kinds of certified regulations do you follow?

You can only trust the company if they adhere to the universally acclaimed regulations and practice with respect to blood borne pathogens. If they don’t maintain such standards, then it is better to refrain from hiring them. Abiding by such regulations ensures that the company is right for you.

3. Are you available at any time?

Such kinds of emergency cleanups require a fast, immediate, and prompt response. Leaving such areas unattended can be dangerous. So, ask the company if they are available for your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

So, if you think that we can be the right choice for your home disinfection needs, then contact us at the earliest.

C-DIFF Disinfection in Flower Mound, Grapevine TX, Mansfield TX, and all the Surrounding Areas

AAA Scene Cleaners can provide C-Diff disinfection in Flower Mound, Grapevine TX, Mansfield TX. The C-diff (clostridium difficile) bacteria can cause life threatening infections in the form of colitis or inflammation of the colon. This type of bacteria is often found in hospitals and healthcare facilities. That is why C-Diff disinfection is important for these facilities. Elderly people are more vulnerable and susceptible to c-diff infection. C-Diff symptoms include: 

  • Excessive Diarrhea  
  • Severe cramping  
  • Fever and nausea 
  • Loss of appetite/weight loss  
  • Dehydration  
  • Rapid heart rate 


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are a source for HAI (hospital acquired infections). These potential infections include among others MRSA, Influenza A, C-DIFF and E. Coli. 

These infections all pose major health risks and proper disinfection and sanitization are essential in preventing such infections. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections are acquired annually and they cause or contribute to around 100 000 deaths per year. 

AAA Scene Cleaners provides effective disinfection services for all HAIs including c-diff disinfection. They have the resources in terms of staff and equipment and can disinfect your hospital, health care facility or home. Harmful bacteria and pathogens can spread rapidly and need to be managed and controlled correctly. If you want effective c-diff and HAI disinfection, you need professional service. 

AAA Scene cleaners are experienced in the field of hospital disinfection. They use proper disinfecting agents, equipment and processes.  They follow strict rules and standards and they know how to prevent cross-contamination.   

If you have a medical facility in Flower Mound, Grapevine TX, Mansfield TX, then you can only benefit from the decontamination and disinfection services provided by AAA Scene Cleaners. These services include complete disinfection services for all HAI threats, including c-diff.