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All we need to know about Dead body

The biggest questions are: What does a dead body odour? Does a dead body stink?

YES! The worst smell is human decomposition. Ever had rotten meat in your refrigerator that turned your stomach? The process of human decomposition is similar. It is so funny to hear people say that animals smell worse than humans. Rotting meat is rotting food!  Generally both animal & humans rots like same. It will smell bad!

We will not try to explain the process of meat decomposition, but you can be sure that meat is meat. Go to the supermarket and purchase some chicken livers, beef, and pork. The maggots will begin to race to the meat to lay their eggs. If you’re patient, let it rot for at least a few days. It will smell bad no matter how long it sits in the sun. It will smell so bad that you want to vomit, then it is a dead body.

Dead body and human decomposition

After a person has died, their body begins to decay and produce horrible odors.

What you should do?

Just pay attention to your family and neighbors. Sometimes they may need your help. Do not be like the brothers who were fighting over the father’s property & cars. People who are cold-hearted don’t deserve to be happy. You should bend your helping hand in the need of time.

What are Dead Body Transporters?

The body transport industry is flourishing, with hundreds of thousands of people suffering from Covid pandemic. Many group of men and women transporting dead bodies to funeral homes runs 24 hours a days, 7 days a across the country. Also, the funeral homes are often stacked high. There is not enough room for new bodies to reach the funeral home before they run out.

The Coronavirus has ravaged USA as well as other parts of the world too. More than 90% of Dallas residents are at risk of being hospitalized or dying from the deadly virus. If this virus infects them, many people have serious health problems such as cardio, diabetes and obesity.

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What do first responders do?

First responders around the globe need to be able to follow simple, practical and straightforward rules in order to remove a body in a dignified and professional manner. It is important to collaborate with forensic experts and homicide investigators when identifying and clarifying missing remains. This is essential for disaster preparedness. It is a difficult job for body transporters and we respect their efforts.

We have worked with many local funeral homes, and have enjoyed sharing stories and talking with them. They are a fascinating group. They are available 24/7, even on holidays. This is a very demanding job for anyone. Because they are always on call 24/7 for any emergency in the county they serve, first responders rarely get eight hours sleep. We owe them a lot for all they do for us. As they face a difficult task each day, we need to remember & honor them.

What should you do upon finding Dead body?

First Call 911 or the local police

If you come across a body that is dead, the number one rule is to not touch it or get near it. Sometimes an unconscious person can appear to be dead when they really need immediate medical attention. Calling 911 immediately could save someone’s lives if this happens. You might be able to offer assistance until emergency personnel arrive if you have CPR or emergency life-saving training. You should coordinate any personal help with 911.

The smell of human decomposition and finding a corpse

There are no laws in many states that require individuals to report dead bodies, even if they don’t have evidence of a crime. While some state laws require that police report deaths, it is best to report the discovery of a deceased person. A body that has been left alone for several days will eventually decompose and this is how most bodies are discovered. The stench of human decomposition can be a hazard to anyone who is near it. Unattended deaths are scary and can lead to serious health issues for those who discovered them.

It is never an easy experience to find a friend or family member who has died from suicide, murder, or other natural causes. This can be shocking, traumatizing, and stressful. It is even worse if the body is discovered outside.

There are important things you should consider in this situation.

1) Try to remain cool & calm
2) Contact the local police
3) Do not touch anything around the dead body
4) Check & observe your surroundings
5) All questions should be answered correctly to the police and homicide detectives.

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