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AAA Scene Cleaners Uses Tomi Steramist Binary Ionization Technology

AAA Scene Cleaners is a highly regarded company that specializes in disinfection of infectious diseases and crime scene cleanups. They serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and they are getting a lot of attention because of their utilization of the new TOMI SteraMist binary ionization technology.

This state-of-the-art, complete room disinfection system delivers activated ionized hydrogen peroxide, and at the end of the process, the only substances that remain in the environment are oxygen and water. The SteraMist surface unit is a truly amazing piece of equipment that has given AAA Scene Cleaners the ability to deliver next-level decontamination services.

Though this system is highly advanced, it operates in a very efficient manner. Surfaces are sprayed for five seconds per square foot, and multiple units can be utilized to complete disinfection projects very quickly.

One of the most important features is the fact that the SteraMist binary ionization unit can reach surfaces that cannot be accessed by traditional disinfectant delivery systems. When this technology is deployed, all bacteria is killed, and viruses are inactivated. Plus, odor buildup is prevented because odor-causing bacteria is eradicated.

AAA Scene Cleaners

This company is always on the cutting edge when it comes to emerging technology because they go the extra mile to provide an uncommon level of service. They take what they do very seriously because, in a real sense, they protect the health and well-being of their fellow community members.

Their list of credentials is quite impressive. They are ABRA certified, and they are National Institute of Decontamination specialists. The company is Amedecon certified. They have been serving people for infectious disease disinfection in Dallas, and Fort Worth, including room disinfection in Arlington, Irving, Carrollton, and other nearby cities since 2004, so they have a great deal of hands-on experience.

The people at AAA Scene Cleaners are driven by a sincere desire to help others, and it is little wonder, because the company is firefighter owned and operated. They often work with people that are going through very difficult emotional experiences, and they go about their business with empathy and compassion. They place a premium on integrity honesty, respect, and kindness, and their clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are the beneficiaries.

About: AAA Scene Cleaners is a Dallas area decontamination company that is using state-of-the-art SteraMist binary ionization technology.

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