Helping Children Deal with Grief

Overcoming a Death at a Young Age

Losing a loved one is hard on everyone – especially the young people who are closest to them. Even very young children are aware of a death that occurs in their lives. They too can benefit from an outlet, a way in which to express their feelings and ask questions which ultimately enable them to cope in a healthy way.

While a younger child can be less inhibited due to their openness, an older child’s maturity may prevent them from fully expressing their feelings. Regardless of age, children may be less inclined to ask questions without prompting from others. Know that when you are reluctant to discuss a death, children may feel inclined to find answers elsewhere and can be misinformed. It is in the best interest of the children and the adults that you ask them questions. Inquire and be honest with them, and this open dialogue can truly go a long way towards helping them reach a proper place of coping.

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